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detail, folded (and faded) clipping
Los Angeles Times, Calendar Section E4, July 18, 2004
article on Lontar Foundation — Michael J. Ybarra, “Found in Translation: An American labors to promote Indonesia’s largely unknown literature.”   *

...in fact it rarely is, today it’s just a faded old scrap of paper with blotches and stains on it that falls out of a book, or it’s a thoroughly ruined flattened pencil I find lying on the street, or a piece of polyester stuffing that I find lying in the grass like a miniature cloud that has fallen to the earth without evaporating. I recognize these, all of these, as visual accompaniments to my poems.

Mary Ruefle, (“A Conversation with”). Music & Literature 4 (2014)   *

22 May 2014

blotches; dots; enoughs; CMYK; sastra indonesia; stains
Mary Ruefle