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solely of the voids in the gravel bed, 2


*   Fig. 102.—View of flood passing over Pacoima Subterranean Dam


*   Fig. 101.—Excavation of trench for Pacoima Subterranean Dam.
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illustrating James Dix Schuyler. Reservoirs for irrigation, water-power, and domestic water-supply: With an account of various types of dams and the methods and plans of their construction. &c. &c.
New York, 1901
NYPL copy, digitized April 12, 2011

“The mistake was made of not filling the entire width of the trench with concrete, thoroughly rammed between the side walls, which would probably have insured satisfactory water-tightness. As it was, the space each side of the wall was refilled with gravel, and the wall was not thick enough or sufficiently well pointed to be entirely water-tight. The general height of the wall is 40 feet, the maximum being 52 feet. Plan, profile, and section of the dam are shown in Fig. 103.”
p 205

Guess this is just north of Tujunga Wash, in the vicinity of Hansen Dam. Are those ladies, standing at right?

20 May 2014

infrastructure; submerged dam; razor’s edge; Los Angeles; water
J. D. Schuyler