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but on the whole, and for most purposes


Cow Meadow Gravel Pit showing dip of beds on each side of clay ridge.
(detail, levels unchanged, showing scanning Claude Glass effect)
illustrating Beeby Thompson. “The Cow Meadow Gravel Pit.” Journal of the Northamptonshire Natural History Society and Field Club, vol. 12 no. 98 (June 1904) : 207-212
University of Illinois copy, no date of digitization

Composition of the Beds. —
“Very good clean sand is met with in some places, and in others fairly good gravel, but on the whole, and for most purposes, the deposit must be described as inferior in quality;—the sand is stony, or the gravel is too sandy, and in some layers there is too much argillaceous matter. The whole is of a rather ruddy colour when dry, but much darker looking when first cut and therefore damp.”   p 211

1 June 2014

inferior in quality; Northamptonshire; Claude Glass
Beeby Thompson, “The Cow Meadow Gravel Pit.” (1904)