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you know my method. it is a great sifting process.


Fig. 6. Dry-blower at Work.
(cropped to square, new border, retaining Claude Glass effect)
illustrating T(homas). A(rthur). Rickard. “The Alluvial Deposits of Western Australia.” Transactions of the American Institute of Mining Engineers 28 (1899) : 490-537
Princeton copy, digitized March 8, 2010
figures 5, 6, 7 in Claude Glass effect

same article available from NYPL copy (digitized November 14, 2012), with “dry-blowing” figures 5, 7 and 8 in Claude Glass effect, here
and the whole available in UC Berkeley’s collection of Rickard offprints, here.

“In West Australia there is much evidence of what the geologists euphemistically term the Aeolian agency...the absence of running water renders unavailable the cradle and sluice-box of ordinary placer-mining, with the result that the prospector has learnt, intuitively, to utilize the agency which he sees incessantly at work in the nature around him. Wind replaces water.”   pp 502-503

The quality of Rickard’s writing — its kinetic energy, the striking turns of phrase, the counterpoint rhythm of long and occasionally short sentences, together with his integration of analysis and close, critical observation — appeals to me greatly. Knowing — belatedly — that these google scans are not uniformly available everywhere, I have prepared a pdf of this essay alone, available here.

epigrams from Sherlock Holmes, The Boscombe Valley Mystery (*), as cited in Thomas A. and Jean Umiker-Sebeok, You Know My Method: A Juxtaposition of Charles S. Peirce and Sherlock Holmes (1980, and here), and the present article by Rickard, p 498

3 June 2014

“the Aeolian agency;” dry-blowing; wind replaces water; alluvial deposits; method
T. A. Rickard; C. S. Peirce