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the same necessity


detail, front cover, rotated 90º
Zee-Tactick Of Grond-Regulen Der Krygskunde Ter Zee : Handelende van de Evolutien en Zeinen, met veele plaaten in kooper gesneden verrykt, in het Fransch beschreeven, door den Heer Grave Bigot de Morogues... Eerste Deel (Volume 1).
translated into Dutch by Lodewyk van Byland.
Amsterdam, 1767
Bavarian State Library copy, digitized 21 Jan 2011.

Belatedly overhauling my signal codes page(s), currently here, and now working on Sebastien François Bigot de Morogues (1706-1781) his Tactique navale, ou, Traité des Évolutions et des signaux (1763), and looking at (scans of) this Dutch and a later (1797) English translation. “Evolutions” are the choreographed movements of fleets as they change course and/or divide, typically in engagements with an enemy. The success of the evolution hinges on signals. Volume 1 shows the evolutions (in diagrams); Volume 2 (here) discusses (and provides signals for) the evolutions.

Inadequate and confused ideas follow with the same necessity as adequate, or clear and distinct ideas.

Spinoza (1632-1677), Ethics (1677)
P36, Part II, “On the Nature and Origin of the Mind.”
in The Collected Works of Spinoza, Edwin Curley, ed., and trans. (1985)

26 July 2014

evolutions; horizon; necessity; offing; signal codes
Bigot de Morogues; Spinoza