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relative composition of waters


VIII. Diagram illustrating relative composition of waters in areas of complex, trap, and greenstone
in Underground Waters of Southern Maine. USGS Water-Supply Paper 223.
By Frederick G. Clapp, with records of deep wells by W. S. Bayley. 1909
University of Michigan copy, digitized April 28, 2009

was looking for lakes in the desert lands surveyed elsewhere in this volume, and instead found this and many more manicules like it.
ordinarily would forward to The Art of Google Books; but not in this instance.

Lake of great extent and depth
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ex Class 55, John Macdonald, A Naval, Military and Political Telegraphic Dictionary, Numerically Arranged on a Very Comprehensive Scale. (Whitehall, 1817)   *

31 August 2014

deserts; hands; here; lakes; telegraphic codes; there; water
John Macdonald (1817)