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and from water earth and stone


Plate XCIII (?) Block of faulted unkpapa sandstone from west of Buffalo Gap, South Dakota
(squared, border replaced)
illustrating N(elson). H(oratio). Darton (1865-1948 *). “Preliminary Description of the Geology and Water Resources of the southern half of the Black Hills and adjoining regions in South Dakota and Wyoming.”
Twenty-first Annual Report of the United States Geological Survey. Part IV. 1901
Harvard copy, digitized May 30, 2008

Unkpapa sandstone discussed at pp 525ff

“And from water earth and stone seem to come to be. Now these things are not consistent. For although we say that there are many things which are everlasting having a character and power of their own, all of them appear to us to be altered and change from what they were observed to be on any occasion. It is clear then that we have not observed rightly...”

— Melissus of Samos (5C B.C., *), fragment, in Daniel W. Graham, trans. and ed., The Texts of Early Greek Philosophy (2010) : 474-477

1 September 2014

change; mereology; metamorphosis; sands; stone; unkpapa
Melissus of Samos; N. H. Darton