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on a steep hillside,

Photo No. 18. Clay bank on roadside, on Zeitler Estate, between Towle and Midas, Placer County
(squared, border replaced)
illustrating E. S. Boalich et al., The Clay Industry in California. California State Mining Bureau, Preliminary Report No. 7 (January 1920)
bound with nos 3-7, University of Minnesota copy, digitized July 27, 2012

had been looking for “dry wash” and “meadow” (unlikely combination), to land here. can’t decide if it’s a tree or its shadow, but no matter.

“...a green color when wet, but nearly white when dry. It crumbles under the touch...”
and epigram, at p 73

7 September 2014

ditches; indirection; muck and peat; water
E. C. Eckmann; Simone Weil