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waves, interference


Plate 18. Fig. 38.—Deal.
(border cropped)
illustrating William J. Russell, Ph.D., F.R.S. “On the Action of Wood on a Photographic Plate in the Dark.” Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B. containing papers of a biological character. 197 (1905) : 281-289 (followed by plates 11-18)
University of Michigan copy, digitized August 16, 2007

“Having then proved that bright light had so strong an effect on woods and certain other bodies, the next step was to ascertain which waves were the most active in producing this effect. With this object stripes of different coloured glasses were laid on sections of different woods and then exposed to sunlight... Fig. 38 shows the action of a blue and a green glass and no glass on the wood... Many different woods were tried, but the effects produced in all cases were of precisely the same character.”
p 288

was looking for “blue” + “plate”.
it’s the title, that stopped me.

13 September 2014

action of wood; blue; bodies of water; in the dark; waves
W. J. Russell