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the sharp straight breaks

Fig. 15. — Microstructure of wrought iron corresponding to the different fractures produced in the Nick-Bend Test (x 100).
(b) Crystallin area on the tensile side of the Stressed Specimen C (Fig. 10). Note the sharp straight breaks across the crystals, without any appreciable deformation of the crystal.

ex Henry S. Rawdon and Samuel Epstein. “Some Observations on the ‘Nick-Bend’ Test for Wrought Iron.” ASTM Proceedings 22 Part 2. Technical Papers. (1922) : 193-216
Pennsylvania State University copy, digitized October 21, 2013

image squared.
pre abstract expressionism.

20 September 2014

iron; isms; metallurgy; nick-bend test; tests
H. S. Rawdon; S. Epstein