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the confusion attendant upon


Soledad Canyon Siphon crossing under Southern Pacific Railroad
Annual Report of Accounting Department, Los Angeles Aqueduct, Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 1912
Stanford copy, no date of digitization

epigram ex William Mulholland, Letter of Transmittal of Chief Engineer, Third Annual Report of the Bureau of the Los Angeles Aqueduct to the Board of Public Works (1908, bound in same volume)
same location, now

Our mind is made from disorder, plus a need to put things in order... Confusion, a crucial phenomenon...

Paul Valéry. Cahiers / Notebooks 3 (Brian Stimpson, et al., eds., 2010) : 164, 168

21 September 2014

accounting; confusion; crossings; Los Angeles; siphon; subterranean; water
William B. Mulholland; Paul Valéry