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peg model (cropped from border, plate unopened)
illustrating J. B. Case and H. B. Thompson. “Peg Models — their construction and use: an engineering method of presenting graphically the data to be used in planning, development and remedial work on oil properties.”
Summary of Operations, California Oil Fields 6:11 (May 1921): 5-21
University of California copy, digitized April 10, 2009

note: peg models apparently were made for most (or even all?) working oil fields.

Green       Proposed depth of water shut-off
Brown       Marker stratum
Yellow       Water bearing formations
Red       Oil or gas bearing formations
White       Depth of water shut-off
Blue       Bottom of hole
Clear       Any estimated depth

Colored Disks
Blue — 4/10 in. diameter       Successful water shut-off
Yellow — 4/10 in. diameter       Unsuccessful water shut-off
Red — 2/10 in. diameter       Oil present at test of water shut-off
Black — 4/10 in. diameter       No test of water shut-off made

Brown       Correlation of marker stratum
Yellow       Correlation of water stratum
Red       Correlation of oil or gas stratum
White       Estimated correlation of any stratum
Blue / Green / Black       Used for correlating any other persistent formations or zones.

epigram p 19

Mental forest — Space in which each ‘point’ is a crossroads.

Paul Valéry. Cahiers / Notebooks 3 (Brian Stimpson, et al., eds., 2010) : 200

21 September 2014

construction; extrapolations; forests; logs; peg models
J. B. Case; H. B. Thompson; Paul Valéry