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the same results, 2

Fig. 16. An oiled gravel road in Wisconsin. The same results are possible in Iowa.
cropped (southeast quadrant); orientation as scanned
illustrating Thomas Radford Agg. Investigations of Gravel for Road Surfacing. Bulletin 45, Engineering Experiment Station, Good Roads Section, Ames, Iowa (December 10, 1916)
University of California copy, digitized April 25, 2013

on the one hand, orders are issued among signs that have no reality, and on the other hand, orders are carried out among things that have no meaning.

Simone Weil (1909-43). First and Last Notebooks / Pre-war Notebook (Richard Rees, trans., 1970): 37

penciled into margin of my photocopy, Heimrad B├Ącker

27 September 2014

good roads; gravel; oiled gravel; signs
T. R. Agg; Simone Weil