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after the asphaltic oil. thoughts are fluid.


Fig. 14. After the asphaltic oil has been spread the surface is covered with coarse sand which is spread with brushes.
(cropped from border, scan orientation retained)
illustrating T(homas) R(adford) Agg (1878-1947). Investigations of Gravel for Road Surfacing. Bulletin 45, Engineering Experiment Station; Good Roads Section; Ames, Iowa (December 10, 1916)
University of California copy, digitized April 25, 2013

“Thoughts are fluid, they are swayed by fantasy, passion, fatigue. But work has to be carried out persistently, for many hours a day, every day. Therefore motives are required which are proof against the instability of thoughts, that is to say, against relation.”

Simone Weil (1909-43). First and Last Notebooks / New York Notebook. (Richard Rees, trans., 1970) : 160

28 September 2014

asphalt; dance; fluidities; good roads; work
T. G. Agg; Simone Weil