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in the thinnest grey

Plate 2, No. 2
(printed orientation — left is actually top — and slightly cropped to square; identifying number removed from lower left)
The second of eight photographs (on two plates) illustrating
Herbert Stansfield (1872-1960). “Observations and Photographs of Black and Grey Soap Films.” Proceedings of the Royal Society of London : Series A, Containing papers of a mathematical and physical character. vol. 77 ( January 3, 1906) : 314-323
Cornell copy, digitized January 3, 2014

No. 2 was taken as soon as possible after the appearance of black spots in the thinnest grey; small white specks have been formed on the advancing edges of the black areas, and they have been carried, by their weight, towards the lowest parts of the edges.
p 317

Grey immensity had somehow of a sudden become her element...

— of Milly Theale, and the “question of 'living'”, in Henry James The Wings of the Dove (1902). Book Fifth, Section XIII

3 November 2014

tags: black; gravity; grays; thin films
Henry James The Wings of the Dove (1902); H. Stansfield