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The whole was left in this state all night.

Plate V. Figures 2 and 1 (of three, in that order; cropped to square)
Fig. 2. Kathode glow in oxygen. Kathode terminated by one plane facet inclined to the axis at an acute angle.
Fig. 1. Kathode glow in oxygen. Kathode terminated by two plane facets unequally inclined to the axis.
G(eorge). D(owning). Liveing (1827-1924 *). “On Differences between the Spectra at Anode and Kathode in certain gases and on the probable reasons for these differences.” Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society. Mathematical and Physical Sciences 12 (1904) : 338-349
Harvard copy, digitized August 6, 2007

Next morning on passing a spark...
and epigram, from p and Physical Sciences 12 (1904) : 338

7 November 2014
tags: clouds; differences; emergences; spectra; probable reasons
G D. Liveing