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as regards the dark space formed

Plate 15
Fig. 50. — Detonation in lower tube. Retonation in upper tube.
Fig. 51. — Detonation in one tube. Retonation in other tube.
overall description : Velocity of retonation- and reflexion waves (in separate tubes) compared.
(cropped from plate containing eight figures, relative positions retained; borders removed, squared)

illustrating Harold B(ailey). Dixon (1852-1930). “On the Movements of the Flame in the Explosion of Gases.” Philosophical Transactions, Mathematical and physical sciences. Series A., 200 (1903) : 315-349,
followed by Description of the Plates (pp 350-352),
followed by plates 10-20.
Cornell copy, digitized August 20, 2013

Epigram from fuller discussion of velocity and direction (evidently parallel) of the two waves, at p 340. The paper begins with a historical introduction. The plates contain 82 figures in all; the two shown here are among the least fantastic — an illuminated noir street scene.

8 November 2014

tags: darkness; flame; forms and qualities; gasiform state
H. B. Dixon, “On the Movements of the Flame in the Explosion of Gases” (1903)