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as fine lines upon the surface

Plate 9, Fig. 9. Fatigue of Swedish iron by reversals of a stress of 12.4 tons per sq. inch. Magnification 1000 diameters.
after 1,000 reversals.
(cropped from border, squared)
illustrating J. A. Ewing (1855-1935 * ) and J. C. W. Humfrey. “The Fracture of Metals under Repeated Alterations of Stress.” Philosophical Transactions : Mathematical and physical sciences. Series A. 200 (1903) : 241-250, followed by four plates
Cornell copy, digitized August 20, 2013

another result of repeated stress. 61+ years.

epigram ex (and discussion at) p 246

8 November 2014

tags: gpoy; forms and qualities; hands; handwriting; metallurgy; ruination
J. A. Ewing; J. C. W. Humfrey