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on, on rotting rack, even on a moo

back endpaper scan
ex Proceedings of the Royal Physical Society of Edinburgh, for the promotion of zoology and other branches of natural history. Vol. XIV. 1897-1901
Stanford copy, no date of digitization

We might take one or two other cases by way of further elucidation.     415

and so I’ve done.
The phrases below are selected from 100 hits in search for the word on in this volume. Dates (e.g., “on the 4th and the 27th of July, respectively“) and two repetitions are excluded. The arrangement is, in its way, alphabetical.

on our first acquaintance
on agates it has been assumed
on his back, and yawn again
on the banks of the Almond

on a bare sandy spot
on bc—in both cases
on the beach
on the borders

on that branch
on British fossil sponges
on bushes and walls
on the cliffs

on the crests
on the death
on a degree
on the denuded edges

on the development
on each
on the earlier stages
on either

on an excursion
on their faces of fracture
on the figs
on fins

on fossil fishes
on the genesis
on the globe
on the ground

on the habits of
on the other hand
on him
on certain horizons

on the human race
on the inner side
on into the
on a very large scale

on a larger scale
on the larger scale
on the leaf
on at least two

on the line of
on the lines here laid down
on the maintenance of [ the Earth’s Internal Heat ]
on the Mammals and Birds of Franz Josef Land

on matters biological
on the Meteorology of Edinburgh
on the middle
on mineralogy

even on a moor
on this occasion
on which occasion
on the occurrence

on the occurrence of
on one part of the earth
on the other hand
on the part of the inhabitants

on the part of nature
on Pilocas
on the point of extinction
on to the primitive

on to the primitive by lines radial
on this prolongation another cork
on rather thin, good cardboard
on the roof of the verandah

on rotting wrack
On Rudimentary Structures and their Meaning
on rushes in a damp hollow
on the same day

on the sea margin and inland
on the scapulars
on side of field (under stones)
on all sides, by solid rock

on each side
on the negative side
on the right hand side
on size and age

on my suggestion
on the theory of
on thin white card
on this view

on his way back
on the western side
on the white phase of plumage
on wrangling, until

and so on

17 November 2014

and so on; even on a moor; leaves; on’s; on into the; quatrains