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especially gray with a pink cast


front endpaper
(auto-corrected digit &c. removed, lower right)
ex Mary Brooks Picken (1886-1981 *). The Secrets of Distinctive Dress : Harmonious, Becoming, and Beautiful Dress — its value and how to achieve it.
Compiled and written for The Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences, Inc.
Scranton, Pennsylvania. 1918.
Stanford copy, no date of digitization

this and some other home-making texts came up in my teaching — a student's interesting project around closets — two three years ago.

epigram ex table of
Colors that may and may not be worn by different types of women,
between pages 140-141

20 November 2014

closets; correct attire; dress; grays; pink; prohibitions
Mary Brooks Picken, The Secrets of Distinctive Dress (1918)