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each mine will present some little individualities

Fig. 3. — View showing wire clips to prevent lateral movement of the vertical glass sheets.
(rotated 90º, cropped to square)
ex Edmund D. North (1878-1910 * — sad story). “Glass Mine-Models.” Transactions of the AIME 40 (Containing the papers and discussions of 1909), 1910 : 755-759
University of Chicago copy, digitized October 17, 2012

The colors used for the levels are the same as those used on the working-map of the property — namely: first level, carmine; second level, blue; third level, yellow; fourth level, green; fifth level, purple; and intermediate levels, gray.
p 759

23 November 2014

colors; grays; peg models; models; navigation
E. D. North, “Glass Mine-Models” (1910)