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and sudden gusts

front cover, detail (rotated 90º)
The Philosophical Works of Francis Bacon... Methodized, and Made English from the Originals, with Occasional Notes, To Explain what is Obscure; and Show how Far the Several PLANS of the AUTHOR, for the Advancement of all Parts of Knowledge, have been executed to the present Time.
Volume 3. By Peter Shaw, M.D.
London, 1733
Michigan copy, digitized August 18, 2009

containing A Draught for the Particular History of the Wind &c., in whose first section are these heads —

The Names of the Winds.
General Winds.
Serving Winds.
Free Winds.
The different qualities of Winds.
The Local Origins of Winds.
Accidental Generations, or Productions, of Winds.
Extraordinary Winds, and sudden Gusts.
The Things that contribute to Winds; and excite or appease them.
The Limitations of the Winds.
The Successions of the Winds.
Different Motions of the Winds.
The Powers of the Winds.
Presages or Prognosticks of Winds. (except those of an astrological Nature)
Imitations of Winds.

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23 November 2014

obscurity of the heavens; wind
Francis Bacon, A Draught for the Particular History of the Wind &c.