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on some results of crossing experiments, 3

back endpaper scan
(cropped, rotated 90º; levels : 100 1.00 255)
ex Proceedings of the Royal Physical Society of Edinburgh, for the promotion of zoology and other branches of natural history. Vol. XV. 1901-1904
Michigan copy, digitized October 12, 2005

on account of
solely on account
not only on the amount of

lastly, the brilliant orange on

on an average
on its long axis
on board

on the body

on the body
on the upper border
on the boundaries of

on to notice the changes

on the cliffs, occasionally
colour variation on
on the continuity of

on the deductions of philologists

on the discoveries and researches
on the domestication of
on that of their domestication

the evaporation goes on

on the evening of
on that evening
on some morphological evidences of

a suggestion on extinction

generally left on the field
on the food supplied to them
on some forms

of form and colour on

on the genesis of some
on a little island like
on the nature of the isolation

on some little-known

but are left on the land
on the land, could only
upon a new lease of life

on lines sufficiently constant

less frequently, on the moors
on a deeper or more
on the elevated mountains

on Naalsoe

sheltered on the north by a steep ridge
on a former occasion
on one occasion

on the occurrence of

to a point on
on the origin of
on some modes of origin of oil

on paper

on these abstruse and difficult problems
bearing on the question
the evaporation goes on at a high rate

on some results of crossing experiments

on the shore
on lake-shores
on each side

on each side

on the eastern side, in the narrow bay
on the eastern side of that inland lake
on the inner side

on the mountain sides (plainly to be seen)

on the one side
on the other
on the outer side of the thigh and knee

of the paper. on the right-hand side

on both sides
on some of the older sites
on a malformed specimen

on the dorsal surface

as time went on
on the outer side of the thigh
on tracing back

on a felled “plane” tree

and so on. colour variation
on vertically until
on the way

on the shore

on the surface of running water
on which to hang my observations
on which

on such of the smaller wild

on phrases selected from this volume, alphabetized, arranged.
earlier and similar exercise (different volume) at 939

28 November 2014

approximations; body; on's; orange; the smaller wild; crossing experiments; crossings