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deserto rosso

(cover scan glitch)
Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh XII (1834)
NYPL copy, digitized April 3, 2012

...a colour which has not the most remote resemblance to any periodical tint. The fluid was a deep red colour, much deeper than that of the darkest port-wine. It attacked the red part of the spectrum near the line B of Fraunhofer, at the same place that the green juice attacked it, leaving two red bands, the innermost of which vanished at an increased thickness. It then absorbed the violet and blue spaces generally ; and having obliterated the middle of the green space, the absorption advanced to the orange rays at D.
ex David Brewster (1781-1868 *). “On the Colours of Natural Bodies.”
same volume, same number, p 543

a beautiful book bound in red
Lillie Eginton Warren, The Warren Method of Expression (1898)

4 January 2015

deserts; deserto rosso; red
David Brewster; Lillie Eginton Warren