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hidden shores, 2

edge at page 565 (rotated 90ºCW, middle third)
within Edward E. Clement, “The Semi-Automatic Method of Handling Telephone Traffic.” Journal of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers 31:1 (1911) : 553-588
NYPL copy, digitized December 13, 2012

striking distances
transmitted over very great distances
in any direction for distances

distances for small spheres
doubtless the distances
limiting distances

moist warm air
relative distances and so forth
sparking distances

doubtless the distances from
these minute distances
short distances

forming distances
across distances less than
almost regardless of distances

very great distances
over distances ordinarily several times the limit
distances between surfaces

distances over which they could operate and the things they could do

distances phrases (not all), selected in order of appearance in search results, this volume.

5 January 2015

deserts; distances; littoral; fore-edge littoral; telephone traffic
E. E. Clement