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hidden shores, 3

edge at page 565 (rotated 90ºCW, lower third)
within Edward E. Clement, “The Semi-Automatic Method of Handling Telephone Traffic.” Journal of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers 31:1 (1911) : 553-588
NYPL copy, digitized December 13, 2012

All underground waters absorb these emanations... The emanations absorbed by the sea, lakes, et cetera, are liberated plentifully along the shores or elsewhere when agitated...

in Harris J. Ryan, "Open Atmosphere and Dry Transformer Oil as High-Voltage Insulators,” same volume, pp 1-76 (38)

5 January 2015

atmospheres; deserts; emanations; littoral; fore-edge littoral; telephone traffic
E. E. Clement; H. J. Ryan