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nor was the scene devoid

[back cover scan, in motion; rotated 90º, detail]
USGS Bulletin Nos. 275-279 (1906)
University of California copy, digitized January 16, 2010

The atmosphere was filled with strange mirages making the low shores of Seward Peninsula loom up like fantastic dumb-bell-shaped mountains. It is said that under these atmospheric conditions a whaling ship 40 or 50 miles away can often be seen sailing bottom side up on the lower edge of a cloudy sea. Every night the sun dipped below the northern horizon merely long enough to show the sunset colors and then came up to begin the circuit of another day. Nor was the scene devoid of human interest...

ex Arthur J. Collier, “Itinerary” section in Geology and Coal Resources of the Cape Lisburne Region, Alaska. USGS Bulletin No. 278 (1906) : starts here, passage at p 7

17 January 2015

Alaska; atmospherics; bottom side up; geology and coal resources; strange mirages
A. J. Collier, “Itinerary” (1906)