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The Hooghly River Code, 1

[detail, front cover]
Proceedings of the Bombay Geographical Society vol. 2 (August, November 1838; February, May 1839)
Bodleian copy, digitized July 12, 2007

305     She is amongst breakers.
306     The sea is breaking over her.
307     Can you construct a break-water near her or at that spot?

311     What business have you there ?

359     Is she in want of cables ?

ex The Hooghly River Code,
Adapted for General Use of the Semaphore Stations on or near its banks, in aid of Conollyʼs Vocabulary & Marryattʼs Code, and intended to facilitate communication between Saugor Island and Calcutta, on all principal subjects, likely to interest the navigator, the merchant, and the community at large. By Charles L. Smartt, of the Honorable Companyʼs Bengal Marine Establishment. Containing also, a short description of Conollyʼs Semaphore as now used; and the method of making signals.
Calcutta: Printed at the Baptist Mission Press, Circular Road. 1833.
British Library copy, digitized August 19, 2014

18 January 2015

breakers; Hooghly River; rounds; signal codes; telegraphic codes
C. L. Smartt