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as regards the earliest times

detail, in-motion scan of pages 132/134,
Transactions of the Bombay Geographical Society 13 (1857)
Michigan copy, digitized October 11, 2005

it was not overgrown with wood, but a well
further he durst not proceed
a voyage to a distant
article of their property
who was a friend
a stick in his hand
sticks, the scene
when next he dined
whereby he is
as regards the
earliest times

fragments discernible from same and preceding pages, “Narrative of a Visit to the Ruins of Tahrie, the supposed site of the Ancient City of Siraff, also an Account of the ancient Commerce of the Gulf of Persia, &c” by Captain G. B. Kempthorne, I. N.

24 January 2015

G. B. Kempthorne, “Narrative of a Visit to the Ruins of Tahrie” (1857)