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abalee able ooryaz

detail (excluding University of California perforated stamp, upper left, and google books watermark, lower right )
facing title page for section June to May, 1838-39.
Transactions of the Bombay Geographical Society 1 (1840)
University of California copy, digitized October 6, 2010

ex No. 2.
A Vocabulary of the Pashai Language.

Bo     much
Sila     mud
Abalee     cloud
Hadaga     language
Anda     blind

ex No. 3.
A Vocabulary of the Laghmani Dialect.

Wakh     rain
Able     cloud
Sang     earth
Shila     mud
Thoor     sun
Anda     blind

ex No. 6.
Vocabulary of the Tirhai Dialect.

Bhoom     earth
God     mud
Dooda     dust
Soori     sun
Barsat     rain
Shoong     smoke
Ooryaz     cloud

from (same volume) Vocabularies of seven Languages, spoken in the Countries west of the Indus. By Lieutenant Leech, Bombay Engineers, Assistant on a Mission to Kabul.

25 January 2015

grays; cloud vocabularies; Afghanistan
Lieut. Leech; Vocabularies of Seven Languages (1838-39)