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the writer at one time held this belief, 2

Fig. 4. Corrosion on tube free from interior surface defects.
(cropped to square)
W. Reuben Webster. “Interior surface defects on brass condenser tubes as a cause of corrosion.” Proceedings of the ASTM 17:2 (1917) : 204-211
Princeton copy, digitized April 30, 2010

an aside
This tumbler is almost exclusively text posts; the only exceptions being a very few reblogs. The images are loaded to a different server, and in the code summoned to appear here (hence, the imageless archive). My reasoning (flawed?) : Only text post mode allows a title, and I want that element, the opportunity it affords for the epigram, leveraged by the various other registers of text that follow what images I post. Yes, these are emblems. asfaltics totals 1,014 posts to date, built up stone by stone, like the “daily outing” described by Frédéric Gros in his A Philosophy of Walking (2009/14).

Like the aggregate in asphalt, there is little order here. I imagine — one day — turning all of this into a (private) book. I relish the prospect of creating its index.

30 January 2015

corrosion; defects; interior surface defects; meta; metallurgy; mutability; testing
W. R. Webster