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without wading too deep

scanning error, rotated 90º, cropped
Champion Mine, Mills, and Furnace.
Thirteenth Report of the State Mineralogist for the two years ending September 15, 1896. California State Mining Bureau. Sacramento, 1896
Pennsylvania State University copy, digitized June 29, 2012

uncomplicated view, University of Illinois copy, (no date of digitization)

an emptiness, prompted by forestissilva reblog of What was there, now gone (and forgotten, but something involving photographer Michael Donnor)

without wading too deep into the water of science...

ex Joseph W. Buell, “The coming motive power: is compressed air destined to be the rival of electricity?” (reprinted from The Inventive Age (December 1895))
in this volume, pp 721-25

31 January 2015

pneumatics; mysteries; depths; the water of science
J. W. Buell