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eucalyptus, 1

Fig. 57. Eucalyptus tereticornis. Natural size.
ex Norman D. Ingham. Eucalyptus in California. University of California, Agricultural Experiment Station. Bulletin No. 196 (July 1908.)
University of California (Santa Cruz) copy, digitized September 4, 2010
several borrowings in 1993, following the Oakland Hills fire(storm), October 1991

Confessional Aesthete’s post, a roost of birds in eucalyptus, brought the smell and touch and dappled shade of eucalyptus to this transplanted Californian mind, and prompted this ripple-effect echo. Details only here, I can’t compete with the carefully composed and claude glassian quality of this particular scan.

Eucalptyus — from Greek εὐκάλυπτος, εὐ- (well) + καλυπτός (covered). The name, first given by L’héritier in 1788, sought to capture the the flower before it opens, its protection by a sort of cap (‘calyptra obverse hemisphaerica’).
ex OED (1891)

1 March 2015