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eucalyptus, 2

Fig. 57. Eucalyptus tereticornis. Natural size.
ex Norman D. Ingham. Eucalyptus in California. University of California, Agricultural Experiment Station. Bulletin No. 196 (July 1908.)
University of California (Santa Cruz) copy, digitized September 4, 2010

The photographs in this volume are sensitive, even aesthetic.

“First and foremost, however, Californians planted the trees to domesticate and beautify the landscape, to make it more green.”

Jared Farmer, “Gone Native: California’s Love-Hate Relationship with Eucalyptus Trees.” Huntington Frontiers (Spring– Summer 2007)   pdf
more by Jared Farmer, including more (and more recent) on eucalyptus (and gum trees) here.

1 March 2015

eucalyptus; unintended consequences
N. D. Ingham; Jared Farmer