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a fair proportion

Fig. 10. Fine Australian wool, magnified 120 times, showing spindle-shaped cells disintegrated by sulphuric acid.
(cropped from border, squared)
ex Howard Priestman. “A Study of Kemps. True nature of the dead fibers which cause so much trouble to manufacturers.” Bulletin of the National Association of Wool Manufacturers (1911) : 245-264
University of California copy, digitized April 17, 2009

CYTIP       Chalky wools
CYTMU       Dead wool
CYTOW       Discoloured wools
CYTRY       Dry wools

CYTXE       Earthy wools
CYUOY       Good wools

CYUYH       Lightest wools
CYWFT       Noils

John Angel       Ways of after guessing
Mary Martin       Leave more than they allow

CYVDO       Length immaterial if strictly fine

code phrases
ex Private Telegraphic Code of W. P. Martin & Co., Limited, Sydney (1922)

other phrases
ex Gertrude Stein, Short Sentences (1932), in Last Operas and Plays (1949)   *

CYSZG       comprises a fair proportion of each class

15 March 2015

kemps; weavings; wool
H. Priestman; W. P. Martin, Private Telegraphic Code of (1922); Gertrude Stein