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ought should be then seen

Fig. 10. Fine Australian wool, magnified 120 times, showing spindle-shaped cells disintegrated by sulphuric acid.
(cropped from border, squared)
ex Howard Priestman. “A Study of Kemps. True nature of the dead fibers which cause so much trouble to manufacturers.” Bulletin of the National Association of Wool Manufacturers (1911) : 245-264
Stanford copy, no date of digitization

DAJZU       Too coarse
DAKAX       Too fine
DAKBY       Too hunger fine
DAKDA       Too irregular

EDYKI       Either or both
EDYLJ       Either the one or the other

Dorothea Hilda.       It is as if ought should be then seen

EFAKO       How shall we act ?
EFBSY       If opportunity offers

DEDNY       Judging by results

Fred Chapman.       Think in which way well known is clouded
John Gay.       It is by this that they can hear.
John Basket.       It is very likely in the country that any sound can be heard.

code phrases
ex Private Telegraphic Code of W. P. Martin & Co., Limited, Sydney (1922)

other phrases
ex Gertrude Stein, Short Sentences (1932), in Last Operas and Plays (1949)   *

“After several hours a thread, or a suggestion of a thread, a story-journey, emerged. Then it petered out; it appeared to stop altogether. Later it would start up again.”

Murray Bail. The Pages (2008)

something like my experience with Stein, as with phrase sequences in telegraphic codes

15 March 2015

kemps; weavings; wool
Murray Bail; H. Priestman; W. P. Martin, Private Telegraphic Code of (1922); Gertrude Stein