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wrong words for correct ideas

sees rats running across the room, sees cats and dogs;
tries to jump out of the window.

sits as if in thought, yet thinks of nothing, like a waking dream.
declines to answer questions.

on closing eyes, sees figures of persons.
intellect cloudy, though giving correct answers.

falls into a deep sleep, while answering questions.
thinks he is well.

constantly jumping from subject to subject.
uses wrong words for correct ideas.

thinks she is not at home.

answers correctly, but slowly.
thinks he is roaming over fields or hard at work.

all objects appear oblique.

sentences in entry for delirium,
ex Samuel Lilienthal (1815-91 *). Homoeopathic Therapeutics (A – L).
Second enlarged and revised edition (1879)
Lane Memorial Library (Stanford) copy, no date of digitization

Compare Fever, Mental Derangement, Morbid Sleep and Dreams.

29 March 2015

answers; clouds; fields; gpoy; roaming over fields; homoeopathy; obliquity; questions
S. Lilienthal