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and other indifferent things

index (page 830, rotated -90º, detail)
ex Samuel Lilienthal (1815-91 *). Homoeopathic therapeutics (M – Z).
Second enlarged and revised edition (1879)
Lane Memorial Library (Stanford) copy, no date of digitization

this index page contains entry for “Dreams, 664” (legible in Medical Heritage Library/Yale scan), which (among other conditions) fall under the head “Sleep, morbid.”
These are listed below, sans their respective homoeopathic cure(s).

Frightful dreams, causing anxiety.
Vexatious dreams
Agreeable, merry dreams
Disgusting dreams about dirt, vermin, disease, pus, etc.
Dreams with fixed ideas, dreaming about one and the same object
Dreams which continued after waking
Lascivious amorous dreams
Dreams which fatigue the head, about scientific things, etc.
Vivid dreams
Fanciful dreams
Dreams about the common affairs of the day, and other indifferent things
Confused dreams
Dreams in a waking state

Dreams about thieves and robbers; About ghosts, etc.; About defunct persons, burials, etc.
Dreams about misfortunes, adverse circumstances, chagrin, danger, etc.; About diseases; About quarrels, disputes; About war, bloodshed; About murder
About animals, dogs, cats, etc. About serpents. About vermin.
About water, and danger of water; Fire, and danger of fire...

29 March 2015

dreams; emanations; fixed ideas; homoeopathy; indifferent things; lascivious amorous dreams
S. Lilienthal