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at the edge

second of three images, cropped
Section of Stomach Wall of Guinea-pig at the edge of a Necrotic Patch. A blood-vessel containing normal red corpuscles can be seen in the patch. The animal received 5 c.c. of gastrotoxic serum, and was killed the next day.
Charles Bolton. “On the production of a specific gastrotoxic serum.—Preliminary communication.“ Proceedings of the Royal Society of London 74 (1905) : 135-147
Pennsylvania State University copy, digitized October 17, 2014

Other than that I have nothing to tell about this event. And at the same time I feel an urge to start telling it again, to find a new rhythm, or even just a single new word.

Peter Handke. My Year in the No-Man’s Bay (1994; Krishna Wilson translation, 1998) : 21

12 April 2015

corpuscles; edges; littoral; rounds; stuttering
C. Bolton; Peter Handke