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third of three images, cropped
Section of Stomach wall of Guinea-pig showing an Ulcer. The animal received 10 c.c. of weak gastrotoxic serum, and was killed 48 hours afterwards.
Charles Bolton. “On the production of a specific gastrotoxic serum.—Preliminary communication.“ Proceedings of the Royal Society of London 74 (1905) : 135-147
Pennsylvania State University copy, digitized October 17, 2014

mattering, n.   The formation of matter or pus; suppuration.
matter, n.2. Obs.   A person who makes mats; a mat maker.
OED, from whose etymological presentation this :
‘matter’ in contradistinction to ‘mind’ or to ‘form’ ... mater/mother... (usually explained as originally denoting the trunk of a tree regarded as the ‘mother’ of its offshoots).

ruminating about Matter(ing) by Design symposium, missing pieces, hubris, &c., &c.

12 April 2015

edges; littoral; matter; mattering; mother; rounds; stuttering; suppuration; waves
C. Bolton