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the denser its net, the more spacious

Fig. 7.—Microstructure of iron-phosphorous alloy
(b) Iron-phosphorus alloy. 0.48 per cent phosphorus after heating 24 hours at 790º C. The eutectic has disappeared by dissolving in the ferrite, although the diffusion of the phosphorus throughout the ferrite is still incomplete. Magnification, 100.
(cropped to square)
Henry S. Rawdon (1880-1954 *). “Some Unusual Features in the Microstructure of Wrought Iron.” Technologic Papers of the Bureau of Standards 97 (September 20, 1917)
University of Michigan copy, digitized May 18, 2011

“The more possible conflicts the law carved out of formlessness, the denser its net; the more chiseled and discrete the vicissitudes it illuminated, the more spacious the world appeared to me as I read on, and also the clearer and more open...”

Peter Handke, My Year in the No-Man’s Bay (1994, Krishna Winston translation 1998)

19 April 2015

alloys; close observation; dots; iron; unusual features; vicissitudes
H. S. Rawdon; Peter Handke