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fire tests

Fig. 38.—Preliminary tile panels after test
Panels No. 1 and 2.
Black lines trace fine cracks developed in fire test
(initial reassembly from three screen shots; works better thus than anything more clever)
S. H. Ingberg, H. K. Griffin, W. C. Robinson and R. E. Wilson, “Fire Tests of Building Columns.” Technologic Papers of the Bureau of Standards 184 (April 21, 1921)
University of Michigan copy, digitized July 14, 2005

as I get older, I like waiting...

Peter Handke, My Year in the No-Man’s Bay (1994, Krishna Winston translation 1998)

20 April 2015

cracks; fire; heat; lines; method; pyrometry; squares; waiting
S. H. Ingberg, et al; Peter Handke