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doubt has arisen

Doubt has arisen from the results of some special etching tests...
verso, typewritten (mimeo?) correction/retraccioun (dated December 29, 1920)
(rotated 90ºccw)
to Henry S. Rawdon (1880-1954 *), Edward C. Groesbeck and Louis Jordan, “Electric Welding of Steel: I. Properties of the Arc-Fused Metal.” Technologic Papers of the Bureau of Standards 179 (November 15, 1920)
University of Michigan copy, digitized July 14, 2005

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“‘What is the question?’ means to me ‘What comes next?’...”
“...Now I hope to extricate myself from the dovetailing of objects as well as of words and”

ex Peter Handke, My Year in the No-Man”s-Bay (1994, Krishna Winston translation 1998)

20 April 2015

and; doubt; correction; retraccioun; tests; typewriter
H. S. Rawdon; Peter Handke