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this method is far from quantitative.

Fig. 45. — Sample 4011-7-A. 20 per cent. vanadium treated 20 hr. at 650º C., showing light case. Etched 10 sec. with 4 per cent. nitric acide. }500.
(squared/cropped from border), illustrating
H. E. Wheeler. “Nitrogen in Steel and the Erosion of Guns.“ Transactions of the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers 67 (1922) : 257-306, discussion 306-316
University of Chicago copy, digitized October 16, 2012

epigram, and

“The writer does not feel that an elaborate exposition of the 300 or 400 experiments, eaching taking 20 hr. and many of them repeated many times, would be interesting. He will therefore briefly give only his observations.”   p 286

20 April 2015

austenitic appearances; erosian; light and dark cases; method; steel; weather
H. E. Wheeler