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no longer the surface of dead liquid

Plate 2 (detail, at folds)
unfolded view at archive.org (worth a look)
This gives, in 37 photographs, the splash of a milk drop of diameter .75 centim (circa) falling 100 centims into water.
A(rthur). M(ason). Worthington (1852-1916 *) and R. S. Cole. “Impact with a Liquid Surface, Studied by the Aid of Instantaneous Photography.” Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series A. 189 (1897) : 137-148 followed by eight plates.
University of Michigan copy, digitized August 17, 2007

But the surface, undisturbed, is no longer the surface of dead liquid.
Direct evidence of this will be given later.

21 April 2015

the surface, undisturbed
A. M. Worthington & R. S. Cole, “Impact with a Liquid Surface” (1897)