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612.6 H78

front cover scan (detail)
Edith Houghton Hooker (1879-1948 *). The Laws of Sex (1921)
University of Michigan copy, digitized August 22, 2012

these figures are susceptible of no such deduction.

“We ought to say a feeling of and, a feeling of if, a feeling of but, and a feeling of by, quite as readily as we say a feeling of blue or a feeling of cold.“ We ought to, but we don’t...

William James, refracted through Maggie Nelson, The Argonauts (2015)

more, ex search “rational sex series” in google books.

9 May 2015

and; but; by; if; figures; susceptible; 612.6 H78; Rational Sex Series
E. H. Hooker; Maggie Nelson