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the dance, not the music

circulation slip (detail)
Walter Heaton. Temperament and Sex in Life and Art. Rational Sex Series (1919)
University of California copy, digitized October 26, 2007

but after all, it is the Dance, not the music, that has accomplished so much along artistic lines...
without a pair of swimmers!
same pages, archive.org

This and other volumes in the Rational Sex Series are copyrighted by Richard G. Badger, and published by his Gorham Press. Badger was convicted in 1923 of publishing obscene literature. His papers — in later years, evidently later than the Rational Sex Series — are at Harvard’s Houghton Library, MS Am 2067. His operation has been described as a “forerunner of the modern vanity press” — he published Willa Cather’s April Twilights in 1903.

10 May 2015

dance; diagrams; play; Rational Sex Series; rounds; swimmings
W. Heaton; R. G. Badger; Willa Cather