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eucalyptus, (new) instances of

October, 2007. The Santa Ana winds are shredding the bark of the eucalyptus trees in long white stripes.

Maggie Nelson. The Argonauts (2014) : 3

Perhaps in a eucalyptus grove? He quickly wrote another card
...as if something in him were beginning to heal, something which... he had not even wanted to have healed.

Peter Handke. My Year in the No-Man’s-Bay (1994, Krishna Winston translation, 1998) : 207

photographiée debout sous un jeune eucalyptus qu’elle avait fait planter devant chez elle... Sur la photo on voit sa noblesse et sa fierté, dans son beau costume de fête, et la douleur sur

photographed standing under a young eucalyptus tree she had planted in front of her.... In the photo we see its nobility and pride in her beautiful party dress, and pain on

Sylvie Weil, Le jardin de Dima (1995) : 153

the latter (and its suspect Google translation) ex search (Simone) Weil + eucalyptus, on the off chance she’d do something on the etymology. and learned that Sylvie Weil has written on the Jewish mysticism that is camouflaged in her aunt’s philosophical writing.

17 May 2015

awnderings; camouflage; eucalyptus; instances
Peter Handke; Maggie Nelson; Simone Weil