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and the literature on this subject

Fig. 4.
(Case A 343572). Filling defect on the posterior wall of the stomach.
U Minn copy (top); U Toronto copy (bottom),
both cropped to round
illustrating Edward Starr Judd and Fred. W. Rankin. “Haemangiomas of the Gastro-Intestinal tract.” Annals of Surgery 26 (1922) : 28-34
University of Minnesota copy, digitized October 4, 2013
University of Toronto copy, no date of digitization

that the time element falls into obscurity and becomes a secondary and minor factor     633

sounds distant and indistinct     229
an indistinct shadow     782

a beautiful, sobering volume in the Annals of Surgery.

17 May 2015

distances; the time element; obscurities; rounds
E. S. Judd; F. W. Rankin; Annals of Surgery