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without further comment

Fig. 3.
(Case A 324147). Clearcut filling defect on the greater curvature of the stomach.
U Minn copy (top); U Toronto copy (bottom)
both cropped to round
illustrating Edward Starr Judd and Fred. W. Rankin. “Haemangiomas of the Gastro-Intestinal tract.” Annals of Surgery 26 (1922) : 28-34
University of Minnesota copy, digitized October 4, 2013
University of Toronto copy, no date of digitization

hopelessly obscure for study of detail and hence they may be passed over without further comment.   71

...and the literature on this subject presents a confusing picture in which the microscopic details are obscure.   229

17 May 2015

obscurities; rounds; E. S. Judd; F. W. Rankin